The Best Mediterranean Food in NYC

Upscale Seafood Restaurant
At Limani you’ll be transported to the beautiful Mediterranean shores of Cyprus and Greece. From cultural touches and aesthetics, to our welcoming ambiance and atmosphere, you and your family will feel right at home at our tables. We’ve established a relaxing place welcoming to the whole family where you can relax and let us take care of the hard work and dedication that goes into each and every one of our dishes.

Our menu is constantly updated with the freshest of ingredients, and seafood is flown straight from the coastal shores to be expertly prepared in traditional Mediterranean style. Stop by today and experience a slice of Greece and Cyprus by connecting your taste buds with the timeless shores of the Mediterranean, right in the heart of New York City and Roslyn!

What’s Our Food all About?

The Mediterranean is a magical corner of the world, full of the wonders of the sea, rocky cliffs and beautiful beaches. The culture is welcoming and family oriented, with food as a main medium through which to enjoy the company of others. At Limani we work hard to embody the spirit and culture of the Mediterranean in both atmosphere, ambiance and cuisine.
We bring a unique style and presentation that you won’t find at other restaurants and a flare for both classical and modern takes on traditional dishes.

Experience the Best Mediterranean Food In New York City
The Mediterranean is known for its delectable variety of delicious flavors, wholesome natural ingredients, and colorful spices that brighten up the palate. We believe in eating the food you love, with the people you love.
The Mediterranean cuisine and diet has supported and enriched the lives of countless individuals. Rich in healthy oils, fresh vegetables, lean protein and wholesome grains, our food is both delicious and incredibly healthy.
Bring the whole family to our world class Greek restaurant and experience the joy of a fresh traditional cuisine, professionally prepared with love and care.


Our Magnificent Mediterranean Menu

When it comes to authentic cuisine, Limani does it best. Our menu spans the gamut from the classic and traditional, to modern takes and spins on old favorites. We creatively and eloquently meld your favorite Mediterranean staples into delectable dishes, carefully prepared to tantalize and awaken your senses. From traditional olive oils, to fresh bread, pasta and seafood, we have a little of something for every patron and preference.  Not to mention our broad selection of fine wines to make for a perfect companion to your meal. If you can join us during restaurant week, try our specially created lunch menu and dinner menu.

5 star Lunch, Dinner, and everything in-between:
• Superbly Prepared Lunch Menus

• Dinner Prix Fixe to wet the palate

• Satisfying Dinner and Entrees

• Delectable and rich desserts

• Wine to pair with any dish

Cocktails for the more adventurous


Bring the Whole Family to Our Greek Restaurant!

At Limani’s we welcome parties of all sizes. From single dining, to a romantic meal for two, or a table beaming with the smiles of the whole extended family, we’ve got you covered. Our hosts can accommodate parties of almost any size, arranging for the perfect seating and placement within the restaurant to ensure you have the absolute best experience possible. Summer time is even better as we expand our seating outdoors. Enjoy the beautiful scene at Rockefeller Plaza and spend time eating only the most scrumptious fish and seafood found at one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in the word!
And we’re always willing to accommodate special requests. Contact us today and one of our friendly service representatives can help you reserve and set up the perfect placement and settings for you and the family.

Catering your Next Big Event?

Planning your next big company event or party? Need catering for your child’s graduation party, an anniversary celebration or birthday gathering? Limani can help liven up the gathering with fresh Mediterranean food that will leave your guests speechless because they’re too busy eating! We can work with you to customize the perfect menu for any formal event, and offer affordable options for virtually any budget. Food preparation and serving can be a stressful and time-consuming ordeal. Let our team of professional servers and chefs handle the food. We’ll do our part to make your event a memorable and pleasurable experience for all of your guests.

Host Your Next Event Here!

From small business meetings, to large corporate parties and events, our restaurant is adequately prepared to handle parties of any size, and can accommodate special instructions with ease. Both our locations provide elite rooms for your private parties. If you’re looking for an exquisite restaurant to host your next party or event, consider your search complete with Limani. We would love the opportunity to serve you and your guests, brining your table to life with all the flavors and spices of the Mediterranean.

Conveniently Situated in Rockefeller Plaza, New York & Roslyn, Long Island

With two conveniently located restaurant locations, there’s no excuse for not stopping by. Our NYC Rockefeller Plaza location is situated among some of Manhattan’s best shops, markets and attractions, making it an ideal destination for a weekend outing or evening excursion.
Additionally, our Roslyn, Long Island location is nuzzled in a quaint and upscale neighborhood, noted for its high profile residents and exceptional school districts. This laid back atmosphere and break from the hustle and bustle of city life is a breath of fresh air and a perfect setting for a quiet evening out or lunch date.